Art at Cambo

Art in its widest form is practised and encouraged.

A very successful month-long exhibition of environmental sculpture by Heartwood Artists
( based specifically on the Stables at Cambo ran throughout the month of August and included three very different workshops, for both adults and children.

Frances Law ran a Bookmaking Workshop (repeated at Cambo Institute’s Octoberfest on Sunday 14 October), Shona Leitch did Ceramic Sculpture and finally Susheila Jamieson did an adult Stone Carving day workshop and a series of shorter workshops for children.

Demand is growing for the use of the limited exhibition space in Cambo House, and since autumn 2012 there has been a continuous run of work in various media displayed by local artists.

One of these, Elizabeth Shepherd from Crail, was awarded a grant by the Fife Council and Fife Contemporary Art and Craft, for her project “A NEW BODY OF LITHOGRAPHY AND SOLAR PLATE ETCHINGS,” for making solar plate etchings from charcoal drawings of old domestic Fife buildings in the East Neuk and making lithographs in the traditional way using stones. (many people use lithographic plates now).

Exemplifying many a visitor to Cambo she says:

“I have done etchings of barking sheds in Cellardyke (used by fishermen) an old barn in Pittenweem (shown in the open RSA exhibition), old houses in Crail, and then I went to Cambo where I had long wanted to draw the Old Stables. Here I was in such paradise that I stayed there all summer, in the most lovely workplace you could imagine, among the flowers, with delicious homemade cake and coffee when I wanted a break! I also bought an unusual plant every week, and am looking forward to my exciting garden this summer.”

New artists are welcomed to use a small exhibition area. Please do get in touch.

Art workshops are run regularly for both adults and children and Fife council has donated £12,700 for arts activities to the end of March 2014. See our events page.

Environmental sculpture features widely throughout the estate.

Book Making Workshop Margaret Bathgate Book Making Workshop

Book Making Workshop

Book Making Workshop

Elizabeth Shepherd