Photograph of the unrestored stables block from the courtyard


Victorian Walled Garden

The walled garden pre-dates the current house but all records of it were lost in the fire which destroyed the original house. Traditionally its function would have been to provide the house with produce and flowers throughout the year and of course it still does. Whereas a depleted staff, fierce ties with tradition and lack of available funds led to a gradual decline in the general state of the garden at Cambo, we are fortunate that it was still maintained (unlike so many walled gardens throughout the country which were totally abandoned), so that the basis was still there when the present Lady Erskine, an avid gardener and knowledgeable plantswoman, came up with the idea of using the mail order sale of the prolific Cambo snowdrops to fund the restocking of the garden 23 years ago. Eventually the garden was opened to the public, garden photographers and journalists became aware of it and its reputation grew. It became a Royal Horticultural Society partner garden in 2005 and is constantly evolving.

Walled Garden

Cambo Gardens

Cambo Garden In September

The Garden is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Entry is £5 for adults and free for children.

Friends of Cambo Season Tickets are available at just £15 each.

Cambo Gardens

Cambo Gardens

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