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Garden Students

Cambo Gardens

Cambo Gardens has been training garden students for many years, establishing its own training programme. However for the past three years students have been placed at Cambo in conjunction with the Historic and Botanic Gardens Bursary Scheme, which funds half the scholar’s wages. Cambo offers a year’s placement in the gardens to student gardeners, giving them the opportunity to

  • join a small dedicated team;
  • receive personalised tuition with a strong emphasis on planting design and plantsmanship;
  • gain valuable experiences and insights into what it means to develop and maintain a garden to the highest level;
  • explore and develop their own planting style.

To date the majority of these students have gone on to find positions as Head Gardeners as a result of the experience and training gained at Cambo.

Short term placements are also offered to horticultural students and practical training for local distance learning students for Royal Horticultural Society examinations.

Erasmus students have been welcomed over the years, along with students form various European horticultural establishments, who have stayed for varying lengths of time to gain experience and training from Head Gardener, Elliott Forsyth, and his staff.

In addition to the HBGBs student who will be commencing his year’s training in August 2013, £6000 has been received from the Finnis Scott Foundation for the training of garden students for the coming year.  A WRAGS student will start in September (2 days per week) and a student from Elmwood College who has lost his bursary through very ill health will be offered part time supported employment.


Newly qualified as a gardener? Seeking a sandwich year placement?

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Garden student

Garden Students