Photograph of the unrestored stables block from the courtyard

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Heartwood Artists

Heartwood Artists are seven Scottish-based artists with diverse practices who are brought together by their desire and commitment to respond to specific sites. They meet regularly throughout the year to organise one exhibition and invite other artists to exhibit alongside them. In 2012 they moved out of their Perthshire woodland to take up residence in the stables of the Cambo Estate in East Fife at the invitation of the Cambo Institute. Heartwood Artists were immediately enthused by the possibilities this powerfully evocative space offered.

The Heartwood Artists were Fanny Lam Christie, Kyra Clegg, Su Grierson, Frances Law, Shona Leitch, Martine Foltier Pugh and Ceri White.

The invited artists for 2012 were Tom Harrup, Lorna Fraser, Pat Law, Jessica Ramm, Johannes Sailer, Liz Skulina, Eddie Summerton and Deniz Uster.

Hearwood Artists

Pauline Castaing

Parisian sculptor on a 6 month ‘sabbatical’ to St Andrews who exhibited the ‘first ideas’ of her new project.

Swimming out of the Frame by Pauline Castaing
The small exhibition space in Cambo House is becoming increasingly popular with local, and now international, artists as French artist Pauline Castaing from Paris brings the first of a new series of work to Cambo. Pauline has been living, and working, in St Andrews for the past few months and the work she has done is in itself an allegory of her own ‘adventurous escape’ from the big city to the ‘nature’ of Scotland. Previously her sculptural work has always dealt with the various traps man makes for himself in life. However the long constrained characters she represents are now breaking the boundaries, literally swimming out of the borders of the frames in her new wall sculptures and watercolour paintings which depict travellers struggling their way out towards the sea……

Pauline will be returning to Paris after the exhibition to prepare for a major exhibition in Paris in September.

Jonathan Dowling

Using us a stepping stone to a new career following his redundancy and having a very successful reception to his work when exhibited here.

Jonathan Dowling grew up in Dairsie, Fife, where he developed a love of art, history and landscapes. He works predominantly in pencil for architectural illustrations but prefers pastels for landscapes and still life.

Jonathan completed Art at higher level but is mainly self taught. He completed a degree in Archaeology and Ancient History from St Andrews University in 2003 which gave him a great appreciation of buildings, structures and nature.